Macro Coaching Only

Macro Coaching Only

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You will be sent a set of macronutrients to follow.

Clients will have unlimited weekly email access throughout the duration of your program based off of the options below. Effective Communication between us is something that I strive for. I expect that you will be on top of your updates each week and have them taken care of in a timely manner in order to make the needed changes based off of your feedback. Services include:

Check-ins: Are 1-2 times a week based on your progress. If I need to watch things a little closer I will have you check in every 3 days with your weight chart and photos along with your biofeedback.

Cardio Recommendations:  Your cardio recommendations will be based off your biofeedback and the type of nutrition plan and training plan you're doing. Low intensity or High intensity or a mixture of both. I always start off new clients with the least amount of cardio to get the most results before adding to your program.  

Health Supplements: You will be given recommendations on the best health supplements to use to keep your health a number one priority for the duration of time we’re working together.