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General Weight Loss & Nutrition

Includes a customized nutrition plan and macronutrient-based meals with alternate food options. This way you won't be restricted to the same foods every day. Nutrition programming also includes weekly check-ins, cardio recommendations, supplement recommendations, and training programming.


Workout Programming

Includes cardio recommendations, a training program tailored to your goals, and weekly check-ins with Seth to evaluate your current condition. Programming typically is conducted over 12 week periods. 


Competitor Programming

Includes programming for both on and off season contest prep. Benefits of competitor programming: nutrition programming, training plan, weekly check-ins, cardio recommendations, peak week protocol, supplement recommendations, and ongoing email contact. 



I have tried a ton of programs in the past but none of them ever felt like they were tailored to me.  Working with Seth, I have FINALLY seen progress.

Jessica W.

I was struggling to gain quality weight before I hired Seth.  Over 6 months we have been able to pack on good size and muscle.  Can't wait to prep with Seth.

Andy R.

Seth has always been quick to respond to my check-ins and questions.  I am new to dieting and working out, but he doesn't make me feel like my needs and questions are silly.  

Janet M.

I think the best part about working with Seth is his willingness to educate me on what I am doing.  I haven't gotten that in the past with other trainers. 

John P.

I did my first contest prep with Seth for men's physique and I got in better shape than I thought possible.  I ended up placing 1st at my competition and am working with him for my offseason so I can transition into bodybuilding in 2018.

Chad T.